10 Must Have Iphone Apps

My top 10 list that i use almost everyday. 

1. Whatsapp: I use this app every single day. Basically its a messaging app but what it offers is so much more then basic messaging. I use it to plan group events, talk to friends/families overseas and send my location and pictures. Its great to stay connected as it uses data to send the messages over and its fast!

2. Pulse News: Who knew looking at news could be this pretty? Pulse news makes reading news, blogs, articles look so nice and neat. Great if you’re the kind to read alot of different outlet. Oh its free too. 

3. Tweetbot: My fave twitter client. It just sounds and looks so cool when using it. 

4. Amazon Price Check: Check everything you buy at retail stores to see if its cheaper! Plus you can read product reviews as well. Free. 

5. Dropbox: This app is fantastic. It works great and allows me to show people my designs, photos etc.. on the fly without having to manually download them everyday. 

6. Viber: This beats skype! Free and the quality are good too. The good thing is that it finds your contacts in your address book to see who has viber. I use it when I’m at home cuz i get no signal from AT&T at my house. (dont get me started on their crappy service…) But i use Viber to call my HK/France ppl. 

7. Street Fighter IV Volt: A great time passer app! When waiting for someone or just have 5 mins to kill, you can play a quick match to make the time pass by. 

8. Yelp: This is a great app to find places to eat, their numbers, reviews, and even intergrates with google map to give you directions! I could not live without this app. 

9. Google Translate: The world is going international. I use this app regularly to write to my friends/families overseas in Asia and France. Its great to find a quick word that you have forgotten. 

10. Sleep Cycle: Best Alarm Clock. But you have to keep it on all night. It does track your sleeping patterns though so you can see when you are awake most at night. 

Has anyone else tried these apps? 

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