After living 6 months in Hong Kong, what do I feel like?

New Years is approaching and it will mark 6 months since I’ve arrived here in Hong Kong and away from home. These 6 months have been exciting, frustrating, speedy, crazy and unforgettable. I’ve talk to a lot of expats and they all tell me the same thing; once you have experience Hong Kong lifestyle, you tend to want to stay (if your single and starting out your career.)

I can wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Hong Kong brings people together, it’s a mash up of many different background, ethnicity, culture and lifestyle and blends it all together to create the “Hong Kong Atmosphere.”

Maybe its living in a crowded big city or just living the fast pace lifestyle here but looking back at home, it just feels too slow. I saw an old friend complaining online about how to differentiate relationship and friendship and thinking “you guys never lived outside”, and if you’ve been to Hong Kong, you would know that people don’t have this worry here. The line is clear because people “move faster” and know what they are after.

It also makes me wonder, do I want to go back home? When I first came to Hong Kong, I felt as thought my kind of lifestyle would be best suited to California, but after the last 6 months, I’m quickly getting used to the conveniences of Hong Kong and in fact, getting spoiled by how easy it is to live here.

What makes Hong Kong interesting is that there is an abundance of activity and life. There are so many bars, so many restaurants, and so many people that it’s quickly easy to fill your week with social outings. In fact, it’s easier to get people to come out for a drink or two then it is in US.

But of course, no place is perfect, and Hong Kong is no exception. If I had a family, the Bay Area would be the best place to raise kids; less pollution, more open space, better schools etc.…

The cost of living if you do not spurge, is similar to SF. Rent being the biggest cost factor here. Food can depend on your cuisine of preference but it is generally the same. Drinking out can be more expensive though but not too big of a difference.

I noticed that a lot of expats come to Hong Kong and live for few years then go back to their home country. Not a bad choice as you get to experience living away for a short bit before settling back down at home. 

Now I start to wonder, after living in Hong Kong for 6 months, will I find life back home too boring? For now, for our project, we need to be here.

Lets see where this road takes us. 


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