Finally Some Good Coffee in Hong Kong!

It took a while and a long search but i was finally able to find a decent coffee shop in Hong Kong! There aren’t many around, in part due to the lack of coffee appreciation, except by expats (but you cant really blame HKers with so many alternative: pearl tea, desserts, all sorts of tea, mcdonald sugar coffee, lemon tea etc… and its more of a western food then anything.)

But one visit to Causeway Bay, i found a hole in the wall that serves single blend coffee and even roast their own beans right in Hong Kong. I was quicked shocked! All i’ve had these few days were nespresso shots at home and the usual Starbucks/Pacific Coffee, which is rather quite weak compared to US counterparts (or it could be my taste.) So yes, i found Coffee Corridor across from Time Square. 


This shop is like those hipster coffee shops that i often venture into back in California which is refreshing to see. Althought most of the clients are westerners, it still has a bit of HK authenticity to it. Namely a small kitchen to cook quick dishes and walls decorated by instant prints of customers. 

But my quest to find all the good coffee shops in Hong Kong isnt over! Stay tuned for more. 


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