High cost of outing in HK

Did I mention that drinking out is expensive in Hong Kong? Last night, we went out to a bar, 4 of it and us that cost me 572 HKD or 73 USD for 12 bottles of beer. (They had a minimum of 2 drinks per person.) Actually its somewhat the same price as US bars if you think about it but one expects it to be cheaper in Asia and its a misconception, I am quickly beginning to shift thinking. 

How are the bars here? Well they are super great if you have the cash to spent. The clubs are much wilder, livelier and crazier here with more people and more booze to get. Especially if your friends happen to be high rollers then expect VIP treatment and getting tables with large ass bottles. 

It seems that going out is very normal here and often expected. Maybe its because in the weekday, people work so much more and at longer hours that they need a Thurs. or Friday night out to unleash and spend the weekend sleeping in to recover. 

In general, the price of wine is comparable with a slightly higher price for American wines (its imported after all.) But mixed drinks here are rather weak… my vodka lime soda tastes like a hard sprite drink. 

I try not to go out too often but its hard to resist when you know you don’t have to drive home and thus not have to worry about getting a DUI and with bars in almost every corner, it is quite a struggle. But the bar we went to last night, kind of made me miss home and the bars at home and the friends I go with, but I’m here to do what i need to so I just need to be strong. There will be many more occasions to have outings in the future. 

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