How watching “Whose line is it anyway?” helped me become a better speaker

If you have never heard of Whose line is it anyway? then stop right here and go watch it. You wont regret it. The witty Ryan, the comical Colin, the talented Wayne, and the giggling host Drew Carey; all packed into one improv show full of laughter. I remembered staying up on school nights just to watch this hilarious shows and waking up with lack of sleep.

But besides watching this show for its silly moments, It also helped me present in public better as you can learn a lot from watching the performers act out with no script and no preparations.

How would you do the same if you were put in a situation where you had to answer, act, and think on the spot? Watching how the cast is able to quickly think change the situation to their advantage is similar to what I’ve done in the past as well. Think of how most, presentations come with a Q&A right afterwards. One needs to be ready at all points for any sort of questions; whether it is backing your claim or twisting the questions to your advantage.

I remember when once, I was questioned about revenue model or whatnot (which was explained during the presentation) but there are those in the audience who feels the need to question every aspect of your work. We did not get on the defensive but rather involved the person asking into a clever answer so that he/she would offer suggestions. I like to add a bit of humor here and there as well and thus getting inspiration from this show is welcoming. I hear they are making a summer comeback too. Heck, even before my demo day for AcceleratorHK, I watched Whose line purely to put me at ease and get rid of my nervousness.

I know many who are afraid of public speaking because it is embarrassing or having to speak in front of many is daunting. Creating humor lightens the mood and puts you, the speaker, at ease as well if successfully done. Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are my favorite to watch. They are the perfect combo to make people laugh at any moments. Catch a show if you havent especially in a moody and pouring day as today.


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