I Moved Out + Typhoon level 10 passing by HK

Yesterday, i moved out of our tiny apartment to my cousin Jerome’s place. At first, I didn’t want to move out because I didn’t want to leave Truong by himself but with passing time, it became a good idea because of several reasons. 

First, my cousin’s wife Aline, is pregnant so I feel I could lend a helping hand. Especially during the time my cousin is away on business trips. 

Second, our place was just too small and i felt bad about having Truong sleep on the ground all the time. We hardly had room for anything else, let alone eat or work. Plus with me, we had 5 people in a tiny apartment meaning all 5 of us would share bathroom, kitchen, laundry machine. It was just too many. 

I now live in the Fortress Hill MTR exit, very close to CoCoon, about a 15-20 mins walk, however a bit far away from Boot.Hk but manageable with HK’s transportation system. In turns, I help out with household chores but get to stay for free. 


Also today, we have a typhoon level 10 warning as there’s a one passing by heading toward China. It will be my first time experiencing a typhoon in the middle of a hot summer, as there are hardly any in California. Everyone went home at around 5 since most businesses close early when there’s a level 8 warning. According to the weather reports though, it should pass overnight and things will resume as normal tomorrow morning. There hasnt been a typhoon this high in several years here so it was quite interesting. 

I also wrote a new blog post on our CityWise Blog, titled The Art of Asking People In Hong Kong for Feedbacks. 


More Iphone 4s pics:


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