My Fave IOS icons

The icons for APPs are like the eyes of someone’s face. 

You can’t help but look at the icons just like you can’t help but look into someone’s eyes.  Making eye contact is a sure way to know if your guest is paying attention to you. At the same time, eyes can tell you a lot about a person. If he/she is tired, bored, angry, sad, drunk, crazy and the list goes on and on…

An icon tells the user what the app is about, how cool or uncool it is and where it should belong on the many screens of your smartphone. Would you really pay attention and use an app if they had an ugly icon? I wouldn’t… 

So finding a GREAT icon designer is a must. This is easier said than done, if you haven’t done this before. 

We are at the stage where we need to have an icon made, but it is proving difficult to find an awesome icon designer amongst the many out there. Here are the words of our wise advisor, Tuyen Vo“You cannot make a mediocre designer a good one with constant pushing and prodding.  Best to just stop now while you’re still early in the process versus 2-3 weeks later when you feel you’re past the point of no return and end up with an icon you are not satisfied with.”

Has anyone else had trouble dealing with icon desginers or finding the right one? Here are a bunch of icons i personally like, based on their theme, color, structure, and visual elements. 


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