My Reflections on the Article “What its like to be the CEO of a startup”

Hello Readers,

This week, I wanted to highlight an article from OnStartup. 

What It’s Like To Be The CEO: Revelations and Reflections

The article written by Paul DeJoe descripbes exactly what it feels like to be the founder of a startup. He originally wrote this for a Quora question, but it garnered so much attention and responses that it prompted an invitation to write an article for OnStartup. 

One of the parts that stuck to me was the description of your mindset vs. the mindset of others:

You start to see that the word “entrepreneur” is a personality. It’s difficult to talk to your friends that are not risking the same things you are because they are content with not pushing themselves or putting it all out there in the public with the likelihood of failure staring at them everyday. You start to turn a lot of your conversations with relatives into how they might exploit opportunities for profit. Those close to you will view your focus as something completely different because they don’t understand. You don’t blame them. They can’t understand if they haven’t done it themselves. It’s why you will gravitate towards other entrepreneurs. You will find reward in helping other entrepreneurs.”

Reading that passage, I really felt a deep connection with what Paul wrote. It really is as he says- a personality. At times, I feel that only others who have gone through the same experience can understand my motivation, my sense of duty and my refusal to call it quits. “Find a real job.” I dont even bother replying at this point when given that comment as I’ve already said why a thousand times before.

“You learn the most about yourself more than any other vocation as an entrepreneur. You learn what you do when you get punched in the face many many times. You learn what you do when no one is looking and when no one would find out. You learn that you are bad at many things, lucky if you’re good at a handful of things and the only thing you can ever be great at is being yourself which is why you can never compromise it. You learn how power and recognition can be addicting and see how it could corrupt so many. 

You become incredibly grateful for the times that things were going as bad as they possibly could. Most people won’t get to see this in any other calling. When things are really bad, there are people that come running to help and don’t think twice about it…

You begin to realize that in life, the luckiest people in the World only get one shot at being a part of something great. Knowing this helps you make sense of your commitment. “

The only option is to keep going and to believe in your dream. As my cousin Max puts it, “work hard and design your own destiny.”

We are the music makers… and we are the dreamers of dreams.” – Willy Wonka  


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