Christine and Morgan

Ah the lovely couple who met on the streets of Stanford few years back. Through the shared pain of studying, they became friends and in the end, true lovers. A little sense of humor, few laughs here and there, a drop of tears and after two “I do!”; here are the moments of Christine and Morgan.

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France: A self exploration, October 2010

Ah for the month of October, i embarked on a two week trip back to my home town of Paris. A trip to get away, a trip to visit love ones, a trip for self reflection. During this visit i ate, ate, and ate. Boy did i eat! Family dinners, fancy restaurants, oh and coffeeee. 3 cups a day after every meal is the norm there so as they say “when in Rome, do as the Roman do”.

The City of Light that i haven’t seen in 3 years, as you come back there are things you now see that you didn’t see before looking at the same view.

Eiffel Tower

Sacred Heart Cathedral

My good friend Romina

Music is everywhere!

Food so built into the French culture

5th uncle and little cousin Celine

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The Nicole and David Story

It began on a summer day many years ago at a friend’s BBQ when these two lovebirds met and formed a connection that would eventually last to form the everlasting bond of marriage. The aggressive but dignified Nicole and the dormant but smoothing David made for a fun wedding day. It was oh so clear who wore the pants in their happy relationship (cough.. Nicole…cough), yet that day, the two of them seemed in perfect harmony with one another. We had the joy of captivating their most treasured moments. Enjoy the rest of your lives together…Nicole and David.

How did it feel to partake on such wedding? Fun, stressful but chill, and very energy taxing! Its a blast to be able to witness a moment in their lives that will be unforgettable and you as the photographer feel proud that they are depending on you to capture it (hence also the stress), but after a job well done, a great sense of pride arise from the accomplishment that made this couple ecstatic.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”show_comments=false&auto_play=true&color=c57937″ url=”″] Kenny G – Heart And Soul – Heart And Soul by user3115034

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