Shenzhen, just a small step away from Hong Kong.

On Sunday, I took a day trip to visit Shenzhen for a little bit of shopping and a massage treatment. I went there last November but I never thought about how close it is to Hong Kong, it is literally a few steps away, at the end of the light blue line

So on this nice day, i dressed down a bit and ventured to mainland with my girlfriend.  

The interesting thing about this trip was… that I looked like a foreigner to others. People were curious at me and even glared at me for not speaking Chinese when i looked to be Chinese.

When we went to Mickey D’s aka McDonalds, some Chinese guy on my left kept looking at me the whole time because I was speaking English. And when we went to get our massage, the ladies were wondering if I was maybe Korean or Japanese. They were surprised to learn about my background and that I am in fact, Chinese from a subgroup called Chaozhou (we speak a different dialect), and that I was born in France but living in the US now. I think the French bit asking me to speak in French mostly attracted them. 

We also were able to buy very cheap iphone cases and my friend was able to negotiate price down quite a bit. There were merchants selling very well made fake copies of Converse shoes and other brands. Negotiating is a must have skill and an art. We were able to drive prices down from 90 rmb to 30. One third of the original price! 

I picked myself up an extra Iphone battery charger because my phone doesn’t even last a whole day, due to my hardware unlocker. As you all know to use, my AT&T locked phone in Hong Kong, I purchased a Gevey Sim unlocker back in the States. It masked my HK sim card to trick the phone to think that it’s an AT&T sim card. Its a hardware crack and thus a chip that sits on top of the sim card tray

Check out some pics again taken with my iphone (didn’t bring the camera because i heard there are a bunch of pickpockets out there.)





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