Starting a New Finance Blog: Investing Brothers

If people knew how to invest properly, everyone would live with a better state of mind. With that notion, I have decided to start a new blog with my cousin Mark, to teach regular folks how to setup an investment account, invest properly by setting up your portfolio smartly and grew a retirement nesting egg. This new blog is called Investing Brothers. Head over to our site and let me know your thoughts!



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Moved blog to WordPress

It has been a while since I blogged. After Posterous, the blogging site, announced that they were shutting down after being acquired by Twitter, I was scared and surprised because my personal blog was hosted Posterous on!

“What do I do? Do I bother writing anymore then having to move it somewhere else later?”

And so, life went on, I went home to the Bay Area, came back to Hong Kong and still working on my startup Taxiwise. I also waited till near the final days of Posterous (which is like 7 days from now) to figuring out where to move the content of my blog. Luckily, they made it easy to export and backup your blog content.

My old photo blog; became the location of my new personal blog which I talk startup and travel. I’m working on a new photo site to showcase my portfolio and future travel pictures. I wanted to keep two site to have the content focused and professional. Stay tuned for the new site and I hope you continue to subscribe to this one.


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