Venturing into Real Estate Photography with

Living in the Bay Area with one of the highest housing markets in the world, I’ve decided to try out a new type of photography; real estate photography. Photography has always been a passion and one of my competitive advantage and thus made sense to try out something I like but in a different field.

Initially I thought how hard could this be? Its not like a wedding where there bunch of people moving around and you stand on your feet all day. But I was wrong, there is a learning curve such as learning to shoot a 3D space instead of individuals where shadows create a person’s look. Instead, the absence of contrasty shadows is often required to highlight the room itself. I thus took time to learn all about the techniques of HDR, interior photography and the real estate listing process. I’ve set out to make my MVP, and acquired a new lens, the Canon 17-40mm F/4 L.

I’ve attempted a few shoots and so far, I like it. It definitively does not have the stress levels of weddings but one doesn’t earn nearly as much per jobs.

I want to try this out further, my initial capital investment isn’t much and the photography knowledge is reusable in the future. Please send me any tips/points and refer me to your real estate agents 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.03.48 PM

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Photoshoot Pop-Up Stores: Nuage Concept and Little Things in Life

On Thursday, I was hired to shoot my first pop up store event in Hong Kong. A pop-up store event is when little boutiques open up a stand at a lounge or club and offer their clientele a free drinks and the look at their product. If the client is interested, he or she may purchase it on the spot.

This week, I was contacted by the folks over at Nuage Concept, who happen to be French Asians like myself to shoot for their event. The event was for two different boutique shops. Nuage Concept provides jewelry designed in France while Little Things in Life sell organic skin and beauty products for sensitive skins.

I brought with me, my two 5d mark 2 with the 24-70 2.8L and the 85mm 1.2L along with a 580ex ii flash.

Its a good overall event to come out, meet some friends, grab a drink from the shops and get yourself a nice gift. Check out the pics below:


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