Which Landing Page to Use?

“The best thing to do is create a simple “Coming soon” page to notify visitors of what will eventually be there. ” -Cameron Chapman

The next step for us is to create a good landing page that is eye catchy and pleasing but informative enough to attract viewers to sign up their email. 

A good link to read (and where the quote came from): Designing “Coming Soon” Pages by Smashing Magazine.

At the same time, we wanted something different but simple enough that it can also be used when the app is out with a “download in the app store” logo. 

Callum Chapman, our UI/UX designer brainstormed with us for a while to see if we could get something stylish and that fits our app. 

The choices were:


We decided to use the dark color background of a city (its actually Shanghai), we blurred it out and added glowing elements to the page. The visual elements are that if you hover your mouse over an icon, it glows, and the arrows are to show the different page previews of the app. 

So now, all we have to do is let Callum’s web developer to code it and voila! Landing Page done. 

(Few days later…)

Alright people, check it out at http://signup.citywi.se/
Let me know how you guys like it and SIGN UP! =) 

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The SF Photoshoot and Next Work Progress

Hello Readers,

Where are we with the app? Well we finished up designing and moved on to slicing and development. We hired some guy named Rana off odesk for cheap but as we learned after time again that…you get what you pay for. 

Tuyen, our advisor said “Its much better off hiring an A+ guy and paying a little extra then hiring a B+ guy and hoping you can coach him/her to become an A person. Its wasted time and will cost more as you will need to dump the current guy and move on to the A+ guy if you dont get lucky first time around. Its like hiring a skilled sales team, you can choose to hire few but good ones (which opens your candidate pool) or pay lower but hiring more individuals and filtering them out. Takes too much time and headache for the second option.”

Truong aka T had a hard time working with the slicer, getting his cooperation and finishing/touch ups. It seems to be a hit or miss on odesk. Sometimes you find GREAT people (like our html slicer, Phuong) and other times you find really shitty people who claimed they are the best at what they do. But when you review their work…its clear that its just a pile of shit. 

I did try my hands with photoshop to make a splash page for the app but im still a beginner as my expertise is photography. So we went to SF to snap some pics of the city to use in the app. I think i have much to learn. 

Here are some shots:


So my expertise is in wedding photography thus i feel my other shots arent as well taken. Maybe im being too hard on myself as i always seek perfection while doing weddings but its been a while since i went off to take pictures for fun. It felt kind of good. 


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