The shit coffee that is Starbucks and why I don’t go anywhere else.

Let’s admit it everyone, Starbucks coffee sucks. I got a nonfat (I usually get regular milk, but needed the caffeine today) and it tasted like crap. The coffee tasted as if the beans were burned meaning overroasted. 


It is now late evening, i just got off work and I’m BACK at starbucks to wait for the late commute traffic to die down. 

If Starbucks tastes like crap, why the hell am I back here? Because no one else can beat the experience of sitting down at Starbucks, not Peet’s, nor Verve, Blue Bottles nor all the little hipster coffee places that have sprung up in the Bay Area over the last couple years. Their coffee is miles better yet I still frequent Starbucks (plus those niche coffee places tend to be more expensive).

There is just something about ‘the Starbucks experience” that draws you in. Myself and all the others out here using their Macs, PCs (bahaha), tablets, books, and smartphones. It is just a pleasant atmosphere overall (except for the loud obnoxious high school girls who are suppose to be working on their damn paper but chatting about their social life). 

The ambience is nicely presented and the drinks are what you expect them to be. Oh and can you beat free wifi? Heck even in Hong Kong and Paris, free wifi is a rarity. Others have tried to reproduce this experience but no one has nailed it like Starbucks. And it shows, their stock as I write this blog pos are up 3.6% and closed today at $55.29 (a good company to buy but a little too expensive at this price in my humble opinion).

Did anyone read Howard Schultz’s book: “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for its Life without Losing its Soul”? I have heard good things about it and may pick it up for my next reading. 

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