We Killed It at Demo Day!

Demo day was awesome. It was damn scary but exciting at the same time but i’m glad its over. We finally graduated from BootCamp and even have our own certificate!

Here’s a repost of what i wrote in our CityWise Blog and our presentation below:

Well it’s been a week since we completed demo day. Things are starting to calm down. T left for US this week while I remind to finish some things. It’s been a great and education journey for us and we would like to thank all of those who helped us along the way. 

Going into demo day was excited, scary but life changing. We went in thinking there would be only 40 people max. It turns out that the night before demo day, we learned that 50 students from University of Hong Kong Master’s program were coming to watch us. Oh boy… we thought, actually it was more like OH SHIT! But still we had to do it, 40 or 100. One thing we told ourselves was that we needed to leave an impression behind, show people one hella (California slang) of a presentation.

And I’m glad to say we received a lot of praises for our presentation.


Let me give some key pointers for those of you who may have to present as well.

1. Keep things simple. You don’t need flashy pictures, long slides, or super cool effects. Just keep it simple. Its actually harder then it sounds (it took us 6 versions to get it right.)

2. Scout the presentation area and put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Can you see what’s on the slide? Can you read the colors? If you have a partner, have a role play training session. As an audience member, can you connect with the speaker? Whether it’s the stories or the flow of the presentation. We tweaked our stories to better match our audience.

3. Throw our your script. Most of the time, it is pointless to write a script, as you will forget it when you’re on stage. Its better to know the main points and use your natural way of talking to explain it. However you should practice as much as you can to sound natural. Think of your tone you want to project. Do you speak better in a more comical manner or a more serious tone (you can still be funny when you talk in a serious way.) Think of what works best for you to showcase a natural talent of speaking in public.

4. Practice in front of others. Show your presentation to others and do it often. It will help you get confortable and gain valuable feedbacks (its like doing an MVP!) Have them critique as much as possible, on the flow, understanding, tone, eye contact and excitement. Everyone will have a different opinion especially if there are different types of audiences ie. Entrepreneurs, investors, students, mentors etc…

5. Always prepare for the Q&A and its even beneficial to have your friends ask you questions during the Q&A in case there were things that we missed during the presentation. Be ready and always try to answer every question. Show confidence! Its ok to not get every question right but at least attempt to show an answer (its also ok to say, we don’t know yet for some things.)

6. Read Jason Baptiste’s 13 ways to pull off a killer demo day presentation. Creating sentence for easy tweeting is an awesome idea.

7. Practice, practice, practice.

I hope this was helpful to everyone and like always, feel free to email us any questions you may have. Good luck!


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