What i miss about California being in Hong Kong

We have been in Hong Kong for about one and half month and loving it so far, although it would be nice if we could speak Cantonese.

Apart from my friends and family, the things i miss most about California are:

1. The Weather. Damn its nice to live in Cali, driving a convertible with the feel of the wind on 17S heading to Santa Cruz. Here it’s damn humid, day and night, its hot and the air isn’t as clean. 

2. Good Coffee. There are hardly any good coffee shops in Hong Kong and Starbucks is even worse here (and more expensive.) 

3. My Car. Hong Kong has one of the most efficient public transportation system including taxis. It forces people to walk around (healthy) and saves on buying a car and gas. However there are times when having a car is needed. During the peak hours around 6:30PM when people go home, the MTR stations, buses, trams are jammed packed. Often times if you live far, you have to wait for several trains to come so that you can board on one and once you get on, you get squeezed because everyone is struggling to hop on as well. Other time is when you need to buy something big or lots of things such as groceries. You can’t carry too much which means more frequent stops at grocery stores. 

4. Big Space. Real estate is tiny and expensive here! Rooms are like the size of our American closet. I miss my big room with my big bed and as you have read on my previous blog, our place was pricey and barely fit both of us. We even got locked out once (no car to sleep in…)

5. American Grill. Hong Kong is home to a lot of international cuisine, some very good ones with high Michelin star rating but it’s lacking in the American cuisine segment. You can find the usual Mickey D’s or BK but a damn good burger? Not so much. 

6. Beer. Beer here taste like crap! Its watered down and cost the same! There is no good old blue moon on tap and even the same bottled Heineken doesn’t taste as good. 

Still, there are other good aspects about HK that I like and enjoy. Making friends seems easier as people are more open to get together for a drink or lunch/dinner. Entrepreneurs are more willing to help each other (as we are all in the same boat.) I have met many expats who claim that Hong Kong is the best place to live in the world (some even decided after a 3 month stay to permanently settle here.) and it is also a really easy place to get used to. It is western friendly and there are many activities to do. Clubs, Bars, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Events, and its a good spot to travel to other Asian countries. 

Still have couple months left of living in HK so ill let you guys know what my final conclusion is regarding this unique city. 

Here are some more IPhone photos. Sorry I know I should take pics with DSLR but I’ve been lazy to carry that thing around. I will toward the end of the trip though. Enjoy!



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