What startup life feels like two days before demo day

Oh no! Demo Day is just two days away! Arg it feels like the world is about to end while it also feels like a new world is about to be born. Yes this conflicting is the result of months of preparations, anxiety, stress, happiness and expectations. 

Now, this isn’t actually my first demo day so I wasn’t as stressed as the first one. But the stakes and expectations are higher. One of my mentors told me that I could do better during an early rehearsal and that my last one was more fun. Oh boy…

One of the benefit of being in AcceleratorHK is that we have been practicing presentation for demo day since the first week so we are better prepared. It still is nerve racking when presenting but we have been critiqued to present better. The format will be different then most demo days as there will not be any Q&A, rather each team presents then we all go into our room where we serve an alcohol beverage of our home city to bring people to chat with us. 

Reading this post by Kyle Wild on How to write your demo day pitch has also been helpful. 

Its interesting because we are all anxious to get demo day over with and show everyone what we have been working on but its sad because we know the program ends on that day and our startup family will have to split apart. Some will go back home to their respective country and others like us will stay here in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned and if you haven’t, sign up for our demo day




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